Artist’s Statement
What is love when it is truly expressed? What is it to tend the language of the heart? How does one share beauty? What is compassion in action? How do I touch suffering in myself, and in others? What is a life lived as art? What are the thoughts I haven’t thought yet? These are the kinds of questions I ask myself every day. I am in a continual inquiry about who and what and how all this came to be and how we can participate in it with our very aliveness.

Painting for me is a devotional act, a spiritual practice, a prayer and a way to share my love. My creations are the bountiful harvest from a life lived in service to Beauty and the Divine. I feel like a tree whose branches offer fruits and flowers to the sky – that must be -because they do not belong to me. My creations are both my offering and my overflow.

When I create with inquiry and intention, I am able to open a door to the sacred space between worlds. That is where I paint from – straddling spirit and matter, unmanifest and manifest, broken dreams and dreams fulfilled, suffering and healing. It is here that I find I can synchronize my own heartbeat with that of the world. Where I am in some small way one with all that is, even just for a few moments.

I have long had a sense that almost every painting I make is for someone else – or created for some sacred space. While I am painting it – I think of that nameless person – and ideas come to me. Impulses that I add through symbol and shape and pattern that are somehow in the magic world of art, connecting to or attending to that person’s specific need. And when people find the painting that is theirs they often know and remark on which stroke, which symbol, which color, was clearly just for them. In this way I would say that I paint intuitively, and in many respects I am not in charge. I follow where the canvas and my muse lead me. My paintings seek to image a moment in time when all is well. A place where beauty exists and no harm exists. A moment when we feel as we wish we could more often, at peace with ourselves and the world – in love with one another and creation, and experiencing the miracle of life.

I owe deep gratitude and influence to my mentor Sue Sellars and my mother Caron McCloud who taught to believe that what I have to offer is important. Many of the artists who influenced me are a part of the symbolist movement: Mucha, Klimt, Chagall, Kahlo, Redon, Cassat, and others who hold the space of beauty and original voice and image. It has been said, and so I like to think, that my work is a part of a Contemporary Symbolist Movement.

I experience my artist life as a privilege. I have owned art galleries for over 15 years – and represented, coached and trained thousands of women artists. I have authored several books, and am currently working on a volume of my poetry as well as a book of my research about Intentional Creativity.

I find so much joy and self reflection in the creative process, I cannot help but share it with others so that they can honor their own divine spark through creativity. I often paint in my nightgown in the morning at my home studio in my dining room which I call the Red Thread Café, where I have tea with the muse and my future husband, Jonathan Lewis.

When I paint, I feel moments of pure bliss. I think of life as a legend being written, not just a story that happens to me. And my legend is that I am an artist, that life can be art when we choose for it to be, and that life is a great adventure.

May love be at the center of all choices.

Shiloh Sophia

Artist Shiloh Sophia McCloud who was born in Marin County, California in 1970. Shiloh started painting and working in clay as soon as she could walk. At an early age Shiloh was trained by her mother, the poet Caron McCloud in literature and poetry, and she was chastened not to watch TV, but to learn the poetry of T.S. Eliot, study the work Herman Hesse, look at the artwork of Michelangelo and sketch in her notebook

At the tender age of 23 she rendered her first one woman show under the tutelage of American Master Painter and sculptor Sue Hoya Sellars whom she has studied with most of her life. This resulted in a sold out show featuring her paintings, combined with photography, writings, sculpture and pottery. In 1997 she opened her first gallery, Color or Woman in Port Townsend, Washington, followed by a gallery on the Plaza in Sonoma, on Princess Street in Sausalito, on Sutter Street in San Francisco and then on the coastal village of Mendocino with her gallery, Wisdom House where she painted plien air on the cliffs for over five years. From the beginning, Shiloh not only represented her own work, but that of over 100 California Artists.

In 2008 Shiloh resettled to the world famous village of Healdsburg, California and opened a second gallery. In December 2010 she celebrated her 16 Year Artist’s Retrospective with a one woman show. Collectors flew in from around the world to purchase her work, and view the artist’s private collection.

Wanting to start a new chapter in her life Shiloh took a 6 month sabbatical and closed both galleries. That didn’t last long however, the retrospective was such a success, that it inspired the vision for Shiloh Sophia Gallery, which features only her own fine art paintings. The artist was so low on inventory, that even on opening day she was busy adding finishing touches to the new show, La Vie en Rose, featuring only works from the past six months.

The inspiration for her work is to provide images that inspire, and that promote well being and peace in the viewer. Her original creative spark was lit in a desire to support the end of violence against women and children which prompted her to form Palm of Her Hand, a 501c3 working in art, education and publishing.

Shiloh has authored and illustrated 5 books and she is the founder of Cosmic Cowgirls University, which teaches courses both online and in person with an emphasis on the Intentional Creativity Movement, as well as the Color of Woman School which trains women how to teach her method of transformation painting to others and lead workshops.

Shiloh’s work is often published in books and online, including in the Women’s United Nations Network, with her poems and images going out to hundreds of thousands of viewers. Shiloh also teaches painting, and visionary entrepreneurship in college courses including previously at New College of California, California Institute of Integral Studies and in the women’s spirituality department and the Global Phd program at Sofia University, formerly Institute of Transpersonal Psychology.

Shiloh Sophia McCloud’s training as an artist included the Academy of Art, and she studied with renowned Byzantine Russian Iconographer, Pavel Tikhimov. While Shiloh Sophia is authentically American, she has developed her own style and has been influenced by European Symbolist movement in the tradition of Klimt, Redon, Modigliani, Chagall, Surrealist Frida Kahlo and Impressionist Mary Cassatt. She likes to call her method of painting Contemporary Symbolism.

At the young age of less than 40 years old, she has produced over 1200 original paintings, and sold over 2.5 million dollars in art in the past 10 years. Shiloh Sophia McCloud is emerging as one of the most popular and collected artists in her genre and was one of the top grossing artists in the United States for over ten years.

Shiloh teamed up long time friend and collector, former New York Art Dealer Roberto Gomez de Perdomo to produce her 16 Year Retrospective and documentary, A Legendary Life and the first show, La Vie En Rose was sold out within 6 months.

In 2013 Shiloh was awarded a Proclamation from the City of Healdsburg for her service to the community and to women and girls worldwide. In her organizations she serves between 300-500 women and girls a month both online and in person at her classroom in Healdsburg.

She currently resides in the Valley of the Moon in Sonoma County with her husband, Jonathan Lewis.


Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Curriculum Vitae & Creative Projects

Artist. Publisher. Teacher. Consultant. Entrepreneur.

Gallery Experience

  • 2012 – Now Shiloh Sophia Gallery, Healdsburg California
  • 2008-2010 Electric Rose Gallery, Healdsburg, California
  • 2004-2010 Wisdom House Gallery, Mendocino, California
  • 1999-2004 Color of Woman Gallery, California, Washington, Colorado
  • Revenues of over 2.5 million dollars of art, prints, books, cards
  • Artwork and wholesale product line represented in 300 stores/galleries/venues

Co-Creations and Projects Founded

  • 2000 Flaming Heart Publishing, founded wholesale publishing company with over 100 product styles including prints, fine art prints, cards and journals
  • 2003 Founded Cosmic Cowgirls, LLC with 25 founding Mamas – a woman and girl owned membership organization focusing on education, publishing, e-learning, events
  • 2004 Holy Counsel of Women – Ministry, First Congregational Church of Oakland
  • Represented, marketed, coached and launched hundreds of women artists and exhibits
  • 2004 Holy Counsel of Women – Ministry, First Congregational Church of Oakland

Art Alliance Projects:

Formed project alliances and events with women/children centered non-profits including: La Casa de las Madres, America’s Angel, Glide Memorial Church, Women Defending Ourselves and Parsa (Organization working with widows and children in Afghanistan), First Congregational Church of Oakland, The Women’s Recovery Association, Marin Abused Womens Service, YWCA of Sonoma County, Native Women’s Wellness Circles, Tribal Taniff of Bakersfield, Daughters of Tradition, Delores Huerta Foundation, Belladonna Sanctuary, Mendocino Environmental Center, Bay Area Business Women, Girls Inc., International Museum of Women, Women’s United Nations Network, Women’s Initiative,  San Francisco Women’s Building, National Organization of Women, Margaret Okari Children’s Foundation

Training and Education

  • Two year mentorship in painting and clay with artist and illustrator Sue Hoya Sellars
  • Icon Painting Apprenticeship to Pavel Tikhimov, famous Russian iconographer
  • Academy of Art, San Francisco, Two years 1992-1994
  • College of Marin, Kentwood, Two years 1990-1992
  • Dominican College, One year 1989
  • Holy Orders – 2 Years St. Mary’s – Ordained Reverend

Art Showings and Projects

  • Project Revision – A Petition to Change the Declaration of Human Rights to be gender-inclusive
  • UNCSW 57 in March of 2013 at the United Nations presented the work of 42 women artists at a panel for the Commission on the Status of Women
  • UNCSW 58 in March 2014 as journalist for WNN – Women News Network
  • Participated in over 150 juried shows at galleries and art exhibits across U.S.
  • Produced, marketed and exhibited at over 75 art, music and educational events, concerts, exhibits, schools, conferences and women’s circles.
  • The Virgin Show – Galleria Tonantzin Guest artist for the 2004, 11th Annual Virgin Art Show, San Juan Bautista, Ca
  • “Sacred Body Sacred Woman”, New College of California MA exhibition, Berkeley, Ca
  • “Angels, Women & Heroes”, First Congregational Church, 6 month exhibit Oakland, Ca
  • “Center for Attitudinal Healing” – Marianne Williamson event exhibition, Oakland, Ca
  •  “Dancing With The Tree of Life”, Belladonna Sanctuary, Berkeley, CA, 3 years
  • “Praises for the World” with musician Jennifer Berezan, 2 years, Oakland, Ca
  • “Source of Empowerment”  California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco, Ca
  • “Violence Against Women ” Northern California Women’s Caucus
  • Nexus Gallery Berkeley, CA and California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco
  • Celebration of Craftswomen – Exhibitor 5 years, San Francisco Women’s Building
  • DONA – Doulas of North America Art exhibitor in annual conferences
  •  “Glide’s Wall of Peace” Commissioned by to provide a “platform for creative response” to the war.  Hundreds from Glide Memorial participated custom six-piece mural.
  • “The Healing” Developed V-Day theme marketing and product line for fund-raising events for domestic violence shelters, Los Angeles ,California
  • Women Defending Ourselves –“Wonder of Women” campaign, Oakland, Ca
  • Produced three events for Author Alice Walker including
  • Illustrated Alice Walkers’ best selling book of poetry – Hard Time Require Furious Dancing

Teaching Experience and Curriculum

  • Class instruction in watercolor, oil, acrylic, drawing, sumi calligraphy, journaling, design, project and program development, marketing, creating your artistic identity through one-on-one classes, group workshops, weekend retreats, online courses
  • Faith & Feminism Conference, Wisdom’s Urgent Cry – Presenter/Teacher
  • First Congregational Church of Oakland, CA Speaker series, 3 years
  • New College of California, Women’s Spirituality Department, MA Program New College of California, Creative Inquiry, MFA Program, Teacher 4 years
  • Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, Palo Alto, Teacher – MA program 3 years
  • Mountain Song Montessori schools, Mendocino, CA – teaching art to children – 4 years
  • Books and curriculum used at Pine Grove Treatment Center for women, Hattiesburg, MI
  • Book and curriculum approved in 2008 for Toledo Hospital Cancer Recovery Program
  • New College of California MFA Creative Inquiry Program – Teacher,  MFA
  • Curriculum Development Tribal Taniff, Native Women’s Wellness Circles,
  • Provided counseling and pastoral services for over ten years to women and teenage girls
  • Self-expression through, after school program for Sonoma High School
  • Circle of Compassion – One year long teen Girl’s Rights of Passage, Mendocino County
  • 2002 “Ecstasy of Sound” co-produced workshop with Jennifer Berezan
  • 2000 “Journaling the Soul” with Rose Offner, Journal to the Soul at Readers Bookstore
  • 2003 “Transformation of the Sole” workshop with La Casa de las Madres, San Francisco,
  • 2002 “Mother-Daughter Workshop” Women to Women Institute, Sonoma, Ca
  • 2003 “Palace of The Soul” – Summer for Girls with Artist Elizabeth Gibbons
  • 2009 Collaborated with Mary MacDonald and Sue Sellars on e-learning university.
  • Trained advocate for victims of domestic violence & sexual assault, Port Townsend, Wa
  • Partnerships in Parenting Course for foster kids, Santa Rosa, CAPublishing Projects
  • Independently published five illustrated journals for women’s creative development.  They are featured in 90% of the women’s bookstores in the United States;


  • She Moves To Her Own Rhythm – A Guided Exploration
  • Heart Wings – A Book About Real Friendship
  • She Dances Between The Worlds – Exploring the Language of the Heart
  • Her Evolution – Women’s workbook for personal transformation.
  • Heart of the Visionary – A Workbook for Entrepreneurial Women
  • On A Wing and A Dream – Collection of Writings

Collaborations: The Caring One and Mending Invisible Wings

Itty Bitty Bio

Shiloh Sophia McCloud has dedicated the past seventeen years of her life to the study and practice of art as a spiritual discipline as well as to helping equip women with the tools and understanding to develop their own creative potential. Shiloh’s artwork is dedicated to providing healing images of women and family. As a leader in helping to build a transformational art movement, Shiloh lives and teaches a philosophy that all art forms are tools for individual, social and spiritual transformation. Thousands of women have deepened in their creative practice through Shiloh’s illustrated Color of Woman journals and her workshops. Shiloh is the founder of Cosmic Cowgirls Ink, LLC a woman and girl owned university publishing company, magazine and membership community that now produces five Color of Woman journals with dozens more on the way. Shiloh is also the founder of Palm of Her Hand, (501c3 pending) which collaborates with artists. poets, musicians to create events and products. Shiloh’s paintings are internationally collected and her product line is represented at galleries and fine shops throughout the Unites States.