Shiloh Sophia

Artist. Storyteller. Teacher. Curator.

Curating Consciousness Through Intentional Creativity®

Paintbrushes are Magic Wands....
Reveal Your Hidden Worlds Within!

Shiloh Sophia lives life as a great adventure! She is a curator of a community of creatives and a global musem called Musea. She is an artist who has been painting all of her life. She is a teacher who works with  beloveds around the world to bring Intentional Creativity into their lives. And she is a storyteller, dedicated to remothering mythology.

Shiloh Sophia’s work with image and language paired with the intelligence of the heart is taught in many fields, including Innovative Leadership, Corporate Teamwork, Group Process, Therapeutic Healing, Academia and in Ph.D. programs. As well as in hospitals, prisons, social work settings, and clinics. Shiloh and her team of over 450 Certified Teachers and Coaches around the world bring Intentional Creativity® as a tool for transformation in the healing arts. The impact of her work over time has created what she believes is one of the largest most well-established art movements in the world.

Most of all, Shiloh Sophia loves to have tea with her muse, which she does every day. She calls it, Red Thread Cafe and it gives rise to her Letter from the Red Thread Cafe found on this blog. As of 2021 she has written over 830 letters to her community and continues to produce poetry, paintings, and teachings relevant to our times. She hopes to provide encouragement for the journey.

According to Shiloh Sophia, curating how we think, feel, access and act creates the future we are co-creating. In response to the question, does someone have to be creative to experience benefits from Intentional Creativity, she replies: “Every bone in our body is a creative bone. Everything we do IS creative, we just aren’t thinking about it in that way. When we begin to approach all that we create with this level of mindfulness, our life begins to transform before our eyes.”

After working with tens of thousands of people for over 27 years in how creativity can catalyze our consciousness, her body of work lives at Musea, a Museum, and University. Her painting collection, a retrospective spanning over 20 years is housed at This page, features her writings and images. To join us to experience Intentional Creativity in action – sign up for our free class, or Letter from the Red Thread Cafe, or join us as a Musea Member. Thank you for visiting Shiloh Sophia.

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The Red Madonna Sanctuary

Thirteen Moon Course Beginning on Equinox March 20th, 2023

Experience Intentional Creativity® as a Spiritual Practice. Red Madonna is a Virtual Sisterhood for Women with an intuitive Painting Process with Shiloh Sophia, Kabbalah Teachings with Havi Mandell, and connection with Red Thread Circle with Community.

Letters from the Red Thread Cafe

The Ever-Emergent Ma, #911

Who is “The Divine Mother” for you? Do you connect with Her in some way? Do you think the “Masculine” is as lonely for the “Feminine” as we are? Let’s explore… Singing to the Mother with Jennifer Berezan   This is a painting I did of the Black Madonna when I was 24 years old…

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Cosmic Hand - a painting of my hand created by Sue Hoya Sellars in 2000, Sonoma

Medicine Painting is an Ancient & Futuristic Approach to Healing, #910

Calls to awakening aren’t always indictments. Calls to awakening can come as invitations that stir the sleeping self into curiosity…   Red Thread Letter #910 Medicine Painting is an Ancient & Futuristic Approach to Healing You can read this letter or listen to me read it to you on my Podcast here.  Dear Ones, Today…

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The Cosmic Cowgirls Creed Logo

The Cosmic Cowgirls Creed, #909

Come watch the LIVING LEGEND Museum Show featuring 14 years of the Cosmic Cowgirls’ LEGEND course and the artwork of over 100 women showcased, including an amazing display of over 100 legendary images!     We are Wild-Hearted Women We are born to love! We choose to be fully self-expressed in this rodeo of the soul! (from…

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A few of Shiloh Sophia's Paintings
Creating images of healing and transformation is personal and collective medicine
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The Intentional Creativity Lineage
A creative lineage passed from hand to hand, heart to heart since the 1930’s.

We are a global philanthropic membership organization woven with the gifts of creatives, educators, and healers.

Today we feature art, events, and education hosted by over 360 trained teachers, coaches, and guides at many different Musea locations. Our organization is guided by the vision of our founder, Shiloh Sophia McCloud, Our Curator. She is an Artist, Teacher & Storyteller. She has been curating physical spaces to support women and their families in the creative arts since 2000.

The focus of our work is to share the methodology and practice of Intentional Creativity®. Our method is ancient and futuristic and is inherent in all beings.

Intentional Creativity means to ‘make with mindfuless’.

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