Shiloh Sophia

Artist. Storyteller. Teacher. Curator.

Curating Consciousness Through Intentional Creativity®

Paintbrushes are Magic Wands....
Reveal Your Hidden Worlds Within!
shiloh sophia painting

Shiloh Sophia is a curator, artist, and teacher who works with client beloveds to bring Intentional Creative process into their lives and projects. Her work with image and language paired with the intelligence of the heart is relevant and taught in many fields, including Innovative Leadership, Corporate Teamwork, Group Process, Therapeutic Healing, Academia and in PhD programs.

As well as in hospitals, prisons, social work settings and clinics. Shiloh and her team of over 360 teachers around the world bring Intentional Creativity® as a tool for exploration and innovation.

Curating how we think, feel, access and act creates the future we are co-creating. In response to the question, does someone have to be creative to experience benefits from Intentional Creativity, she replies: “Every bone in our body is a creative bone. Everything we do IS creative, we just aren’t thinking about it in that way. When we begin to approach all that we create with this level of mindfulness, our life begins to transform before our eyes.”

After working with tens of thousands of people in how creativity can catalyze our consciousness, her body of work lives in Musea: Centers for Intentional Creativity and her Curriculum through certifications trainings and the 501c3 founded by her and her husband, Jonathan McCloud, also an artist and poet.

Upcoming Events

VIVID 2020:
Virtual Community Gathering and Rites of Passage

Color Of Woman 2021

Color of Woman 2021:
Intentional Creativity® Teacher Training

Letters from the Red Thread Cafe

The Science of Creativity + Her Story Class #827

I don’t just make art to make art. I paint to know. I write to heal. I get information while I am creating… But how does it all work? Is it just woo-woo California stuff or can the science of creativity reveal to us how it may ACTUALLY work? It will likely surprise you! Will…

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Calling Your Own Rites of Passage – Beauty in the Breakdowns #826

“Part of that beauty I found was in the faces of the women who looked at their own Legendary creations. This told me everything I needed to know. I was carrying medicine, and my medicine activated their medicine. My soul-work was to spark their soul-work. And so it began…” Today I am sharing my story…

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For Feral-Leaning Women in an Era of Uncertainty #825

Have you ever had a nudge from the Universe reminding you that she has your back? That no matter what you’re going through right now, the universe provides… I know so many who are going through hard times right now in different ways. In this era of uncertainty, I am choosing to witness the miracles,…

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A few of Shiloh Sophia's Paintings
Creating images of healing and transformation is personal and collective medicine
Experience Intentional Creativity

The Intentional Creativity Lineage
A creative lineage passed from hand to hand, heart to heart since the 1930’s.

We are a global philanthropic membership orgranization woven with the gifts of creatives, educators and healers.

Today we feature art, events and education hosted by over 360 trained teachers, coaches and guides at many different Musea locations. Our organization is guided by the vision of our founder, Shiloh Sophia McCloud, OUr Curator. She is an Artist, Teacher & Storyteller. She has been curating physical spaces to support women and their families in the creative arts since 2000.

The focus of our work is to share the methodology and practice of Intentional Creativity®. Our methos is ancient and futuristic and is inherent in all beings.

Intentional Creativity means to ‘make with mindfuless’.

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Red Thread of Belonging : A Solstice Story
What Are the 4 Layers of Intentional Creativity?
Painting stories of past, present and Future
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