Open Me

Open me. I am your life. This one. Right here. That’s right. These are my pages. Feel them? These are my windows and my doors. They are all open for you. See? Won’t you come inside? There is so much I want to show you. So much I haven’t yet revealed to you about your…

Revolution for Breakfast – A Conversation with Shannon Thompson from Shakti Rising

Dear Ones of the Heart,

This morning I had the pleasure of speaking with one of my dear friends and cosmic sisters, the founder of the social change organization, Shakti Rising. We just decided to TURN the i-phone on and see what came out. In the wake of our nation’s devastating tragedy – Shannon and I and our fellow sisters continue to talk about what motives us and why – and how we keep going during challenging times. Especially when the very things we work for, are statistically getting worse as the years go by.

Listen to this unplugged recording to hear what keeps us in conversation about our work.


Shiloh & Shannon