I want to be used.

“I want to be used” What is that you say? “I want to be used” Yep, that is the voice of my book talking. The one I went to the beach to work on started talking. The book started out making was a book of poems, a collection of my writings over ten year. When…

What is the big fat lie you keep telling yourself about not calling your own circle? Join us tonight!

One of the reasons I love my job is because I get to do the coolest things – like talk to other women about things like big fat lies, and how to call our tribes together, photos like the one at the right with my homegirls remind me of how blessed I feel to be IN my community – and the truth is that I started calling them together over ten years ago…I knew how essential it was to my heart, soul, and to working together as women entrepreneurs. So get your cup of tea and join us for another Red Thread Cafe Conversation with Stella Mac and I with Amy Ahlers – it is gonna be a good night.