How do you deal with your past?

Ah, two weeks later and I have used a chainsaw sized tool to carve out some time finally to dream my future. I get to go to the future dreaming room so I get a cup of tea, wash the dishes, call my mother and then, change into something more futuristic and I step on through. Nothing is blocking the door this time. The room, is empty. At first I sit down and sob. Don’t know why. I just sob. Then exhausted I take a nap in the empty future.

Who Is Legendary Woman?

Legendary Woman has been there since we were lit as a divine spark in our mother’s womb, but she is ever changing and renewing how she sees and what she chooses to show to us. Her function is to illuminate, literally to shed light upon. To open us to clear seeing. Seeing forward without hindrance or limitation, she sees through spaces human eyes cannot begin to decode. She lives both in the mystical realm, and in the physical because our generative actions are inspired by her presence within us. Her primary purpose is to encourage towards that which we are here on earth to create or fulfill. She is our view finder. Our “aha!” moment maker. Our waker upper. Every single woman has the visionary woman within her – we just may not have called upon her services yet, but that time has come. Oh yes.

Have you seen our Mother?

Do you smell the scent of our Mother? That intoxicating scent of cinnamon and gardenia flying from her skirts as she moves upon her sandy shores, leaving footprints of frankincense and myrrh. Aloes spring up in the wake of her footsteps. When it is dark we can still find our way by smelling her trail. Smell the cedar? Smell the pine? Smell the redwood? the jasmine, the lily the rose the Smell the sea?