Ten Ideas for Creating Meaningful Holiday Celebration!

Call a circle right before dinner to give thanks. Then once you are seated, take gentle control. and invite each person to share what they are grateful for as you all eat dinner. You start, and have one person next to you who is ready to share and is not surprised about this. (ignore any grumbling and forge ahead, it is so much more interesting than sports, or the weather or little Sally’s gymnastic class)

Our Lady's Feast Day and my 116 Works of Art Retrospective

Shiloh, Daughter of Caron, Granddaughter of Eden, Great Grandmother Ethel, Great Great Granddaughter of Nasaya, Granddaughter of Helen, Great Granddaughter of Mary, Sister of Laurel, Shannon and Bridget. Artist Daughter of Sue, Niece of Janet, Child of the Most High, Daughter of the Blessed Mother of All.

Can you hear the voice of your Holy Mother Calling you…? She is here. Come. Sit a while at her campfire and listen as She spins her tale of healing….

Prayer to Open the Heart

This is dedicated to anyone who, on this day, feels lost or lonely and has no one to have Thankgiving coffee and pumpkin pie with. Dedicated to those whose hearts have been battered around until it hurts to breath. Dedicated to anyone who, last year was with someone they loved and this year, find their table missing their presence. I called it a prayer to open the heart, but I don’t know if that is what it is or not…but it is the conversation of my own heart today, it is more of a rant to open the heart and in truth, I have to go mash potatoes so don’t have time to edit it as well as it should be.