Love had taken away my practices, a warning and losing my religion…

Desperately Seeking Sustenance: A sanctuary where I have a feeling when I walk in that GOD is in the house, a church with dancing and all kinds of brown people clapping and white people moving their hips, men and women leading together, honoring of Creator as masculine and feminine, if not as one, at least somehow ruling together, non-judgment of others while totally committed to spiritual path, reading of the Bible without a brimstone edge, a deep inquiry into the mystical, a few healers laying the hands on the sick and sorrowful, a feeling of connection and tribe with the folks, communion for those who love God, a few hats with feathers would be nice, organic coffee and good cake afterward, acceptance of images (icons) and an emphasis on creativity…LOVE at the center of everything. And it should be beautiful with candles lit. Ok. Now I am going overboard. Well we make lists for everything else: work, mates, money, why not a church? Mary are you listening? Bring me home Sweet Mama!

This is the Day – Love Letter #47

Every day I am struck with our amazing ability to choose to be present to and in our lives, or not. I am amazed that we have so much choice in how our lives actually go – though I know there is plenty of “random” as well.

Last night at Cosmic Cowgirls, Sue Hoya and I had the incredible privilege of leading a creativity circle for a group of women friends, one of whom is on a cancer journey and may be in the last few months of her life. We made hand painted mobiles and crowns that each woman present contributed to through a prayer on a hand-painted heart for her friend. So at the end, each woman’s project had something from each of the other women – the hearts were tied on with red threads from our opening circle. And of course, add glitter. The wonderful woman whom we were celebrating and who was surrounded by the love of her girlfriends gave us some special teachings – one of which is: This is the day. She mentioned that the line in that gospel song, This is the day that the Lord has made inspired that thought…and she shared it with us. A gift.