Red Thread Trilogy – about the painting Triptich

The Red Thread Trilogy Emraced By Divine Love Scrolls in honor of the life of the Blessed Mother Mary The Annunciation The Visitation The Nativity Created by Shiloh Sophia McCloud Completed March 13, 2009 See the evolution of the paintings, their installation location and the art at the home of my Art Collectors. Details:…

Why this "red thread journal?"

And so it is my desire to share my love of God, and my own struggle and faith walk to BE a Christian woman who LOVES the Mother. If anything I share could bring to light something hidden for someone else – or cause someone to consider Christ who lost him long ago amidst the patriarchal reckage of Christianity, or invite someone to consider Mary’s roll in all this – then that is sufficient. What does Mary have to do with the red thread? Click on the red thread tab to hear the story…but for my part I have done the red thread ceremony for about eight years at almost every single workshop. In one of my posts I will share about that – and how it came to be such a central part of my ritual and practice.