Visionary Business Planning in Paint with the Muse
Create a full color business plan poster using our proven one page wonder plan.

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Soon, it’s a downloadable class to keep!
With Shiloh Sophia and Stella Mac aka Mary MacDonald

Business is a highly creative act. Every facet of it includes elements of the creative. Most of us don’t relate to business in this way so we end up creating entire worlds that don’t reflect who we are. What if there was another way to do it that really included all of you instead of asking you to fit into a business box that you don’t even want to get into, let alone hang out in. 
How would you like to create a business YOUR way instead of the way everyone else is telling you – how its done. There is another way. And around Cosmic Cowgirls that is how we roll. We roll in the razzy red convertible of the Muse. And for this Red Thread Café Session we will be asking her to show up and show us the way to creating a business with flair.

This class is not only going to be VERY dynamic but it will yield incredible results. At the end of our day together you will have a one page business plan that is from the visionary realm. 

Who is this for? Whether you are working on a new business, existing business that you want to improve or revision or a project. OR if you have no clue what you want to do but just want to play with us in the Cosmic Cowgirls style – which mixes business and pleasure, the come on over.
An innovative cutting edge approach to designing a business that works with your internal genius aka – Your Biz-Muse.

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This information will give you what you need for your next steps. If you have been waiting for your jump start, the Muse just showed up with jumper cables. You can participate live. Or watch it later. And within ten days you will have a downloadable class you can do at any time.

In our time together we will share with you how to:

  • Create a business plan using your winged  eye – you have to know how to look with a visionary lens to craft a business that reflects who YOU are.

  • A proven practice from intentional creativity designed to get access the space between the Right and Left brain  – you have to know where to ‘invent from.’

  • Discover how to work directly with the energy of those you serve through a call and response visionary meditation.

  • Introduce you to the Almighty Muse – who today will be working with you as the Biz-Muse, showing you how to create your business your way.

Show you how to access your most authentic marketing voice – so that instead of marketing you can share from your deep desire to serve.

  • Work with acts of creativity and color and yes, glitter to enter a space of playfulness regarding how you design, act and plan the future of your business.

  • Introduce you to the cosmic domain of the Rodeo of the Soul – how to work with wild horse ideas and get them into form so you can take action.

Get your seat The Red Thread Café here. You don’t want to miss this. I mean it.

This class is offered by Stella Mac and Shiloh Sophia of Cosmic Cowgirls University.
Two dynamic forces working within the feminine business paradigm side by side for over 8 years!

We will start with a Red Thread Café so bring your coffee. Chief likes it with Cinnamon and honey and Stella Mac likes her tea black. What will you be having?

Here is what you are going to need:

Materials – Paint, at least two Sharpies, twin tip and 140 lb. 20X30 watercolor paper, liquitex gloss or medium, paper, colored pens. And glitter. Three whole punch and a ribbon or red thread. The muse won’t work well if there isn’t glitter present.  Oh it might help if you wear a colorful scarf and a cowgirl hat. The muse is like that. She might be fickle but she loves the flash.

Muses need to be nurtured and courted in order to work with you right where you are.

There are deals to be made.

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