Love had taken away my practices, a warning and losing my religion…

Desperately Seeking Sustenance: A sanctuary where I have a feeling when I walk in that GOD is in the house, a church with dancing and all kinds of brown people clapping and white people moving their hips, men and women leading together, honoring of Creator as masculine and feminine, if not as one, at least somehow ruling together, non-judgment of others while totally committed to spiritual path, reading of the Bible without a brimstone edge, a deep inquiry into the mystical, a few healers laying the hands on the sick and sorrowful, a feeling of connection and tribe with the folks, communion for those who love God, a few hats with feathers would be nice, organic coffee and good cake afterward, acceptance of images (icons) and an emphasis on creativity…LOVE at the center of everything. And it should be beautiful with candles lit. Ok. Now I am going overboard. Well we make lists for everything else: work, mates, money, why not a church? Mary are you listening? Bring me home Sweet Mama!

within the folds of her holy dress

In the folds of your dress
your holy garment
I bury my head
Smelling the sweet fragrance of your love
My little hands hidden in the layers of fabric
I try to be consumed and folded into your dress
I want to disappear into your being-ness
I pull up a fold and surround myself with silken fabric
Soft and giving, silky and strong
It is dark like your skin
and in these folds I can imagine
All the world is well and
I hear your soothing voice
speaking words of grace-filled wisdom