I want to be used.

“I want to be used” What is that you say? “I want to be used” Yep, that is the voice of my book talking. The one I went to the beach to work on started talking. The book started out making was a book of poems, a collection of my writings over ten year. When…

the noir petit dejeuner

Dear Ones, The noir petit dejeuner means English breakfast black tea. Today I wanted to invite you to a Noir Petit Dejeuner Salon to share what the most important and or most interesting conversation topics are for you right now. What is on your heart? What challenges do you have solutions for? What do you…

Our Lady's Feast Day and my 116 Works of Art Retrospective

Shiloh, Daughter of Caron, Granddaughter of Eden, Great Grandmother Ethel, Great Great Granddaughter of Nasaya, Granddaughter of Helen, Great Granddaughter of Mary, Sister of Laurel, Shannon and Bridget. Artist Daughter of Sue, Niece of Janet, Child of the Most High, Daughter of the Blessed Mother of All.

Can you hear the voice of your Holy Mother Calling you…? She is here. Come. Sit a while at her campfire and listen as She spins her tale of healing….

Life Is A Miraculous Circumstance

I give honor to those who dream while using creativity as a lens through which to view the infinite universe. Inventors who imagine the impossible, those scientists who seek to discover, those poets who organize the words, and those artists who give shape to the vision are the ones who make it possible for the rest of us to begin to lay hold of that which lays just beyond the reach of our mortal minds.