Interview with the Visionary Self – A 20 Minute Breakthrough Practice

The visionary self is really just you wearing your visionary lenses. It is you when you look deeply into your life and your heart with an intention to SEE beyond what is just “there” into what is possible. I believe all of us are visionaries and that we just need practice “being” visionary as it relates to our own life. So here is a little 20 Minute Breakthrough Practice to activate your visionary self!

The reason why this is a “breakthrough” is because by articulating your vision in your mind and heart, and then in writing – you shorten the distance between you and your vision considerably because you are taking time to “touch” the vision.

Striking A Holy Balance

Our Lady of Light

shine your brightness this way

illumine us towards loving kindness

give us the peace and courage to continue

when our challenges seem too many

the sensitive ones, who feel the cries of the world

in their bones

feel sick with worry and with wonder

ask the ancient grandmothers to wrap

their shawls about the bony shoulders of our despair

we want to dance and sing and give thanks

and we do. we feel the Saints dancing with us.

but the weight of suffering presses us,

how can we even do the laundry in peace?

or eat steak and potatoes in bliss

when we know the price? as well as all

the stories. how can it be?