House of the Heart by Shiloh Sophia McCloud

House of the Heart
by Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Greetings to you Dear One!

This process is an explosion of creative potential that can and will blow up the blocks and locks in the way of reaching your creative genius. I didn’t know when I was growing up, that when I grew up, my main job would be to show others how to do this one thing:


If you haven’t been working with your creative genius in a very real way there are three steps for just getting started – but it becomes a lifelong journey.

This might surprise you, but it starts with a confession….(who knew). Yes, you have to admit a few things to get the relationship rolling.

Don’t know if you have one not? Well if you know you have one, this can be a refresher, but if you don’t have one, this can be dynamite.

Connecting with your Creative Genius


1. Admit that you have one in the first place. AHA!

2. Admit that you (may) you have no idea how it works. AHA!!!!

3. Admit that, in fact you would like to. AHA!!!!!!!!! YAHOOOOO!


Yep that is indeed how it starts  –

Those 3 steps could also be translated like this:


1. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Admit that you have one in the first place.

2. WONDER: Admit that you (may) you have no idea how it works.

3. DESIRE: Admit that, in fact you would like to.


In any relationship, when you acknowledge your part, then, are in curiosity and wonder at the possibilities, and acknowledge how much you want to be together, then healing is at hand. Healing your connection with your Creative Genius means the keys that go to the right doors can appear.

HOWEVER. Don’t get too excited yet. Depending on how your Creative Genius works, there may be other requirements for actual activation.

So in case the first 3 don’t release the motherload of insight, I will give you the other two most magical ones, the activators, but these are ONLY for those who want to GO DEEP into this, because the first three are like an AHA introduction, but the other 2 are like dynamite. Bang! Pow! Watch out! Run for cover! Ready?


4. SURRENDER: Apologize to your Creative Genius for your lack of conscious presence (and participation in the co-creative capacity available to you.)


5. CREATE: Commit to creative acts that stir/incite/conjure/honor the Creative Genius within you.
If you do not bring the relationship into FORM and be in conversation with it and how it works – it simply will not work for you. It really is as simple as that and then we are limited to what is available to us, that our brain pulls forward at any given time instead of direct access to your very deep and profound well of insight that you can use to inform your whole life.

Around the Cosmic Cowgirls, we call the Creative Genius: the Muse. And our access to her is called Intentional Creativity.

If you hang around me and the Cosmic Cowgirls much you know we are ALWAYS talking about the Muse  – are we obsessed? Well, yes we are. For good reason.

When you are connected to your Muse things happen for you…through you….that wouldn’t happen otherwise, that actually need to happen for you to live a SELF EXPRESSED LIFE. You want that right? I do.

In my next article I will talk about the benefits of the Muse and how she is in charge of your story and is basically running your life without your permission. LOL she is often out of control.

I share about my relationship with HER and how she works all the time, and most recently I taught on my relationship with Unlocking my Creative Genius in my video class/conversation which you can sign up for free here. I tell it like it is and it is free so if you want to hear me talking about this stuff in moving image – tune in. My class is scheduled to air October 26 but there are lots of other ‘creative genius’ videos available by singing up now. I LOVE it when women share wisdom together for FREE.

Before my next article, which only the Muse knows when I will write,

Want one more step in the Creative Process?


6. CONNECT: Write your Creative Genius a letter.

Take the above 3, and if you are brave, 5 prompts, and write a letter to HIM/HER and just seeeeee what opens up. You will be surprised. After twenty years of being in deep relationship with my Muse, I am always surprised. For example, last week she told me this:

There are keys with no doors”

For you – that might not be a motherload of insight, but for me, it was just what I needed to hear from my creative genius. It was my AHA! Not because of getting answers, but because of more questions.

As for today, I am on my journey of creativity like never before due to processing the death of my Mentor and Co-Mother Sue Hoya Sellars.  Might I add, unexpected death. So it has thrown my creativity, my work schedule, my classes and everything into a tailspin of grand proportion. Writing and painting are WHAT get me through.

Jonathan is making me my morning coffee and then we are headed up to Terra Sophia to tend the land.


Signed in hope in the unknown,


Shiloh Sophia

Join me in the Round Table with Rosine Kushnick right here.


Some thoughts on what to share:

What did your Creative Genius say to you when you apologized…


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  • Shamsi

    …”Some thoughts on what to share: What did your Creative Genius say to you when you apologized”

    She said, “Stop wasting time with talking, let’s DANCE!”

    <3 Thank you.

  • libby

    Thank You! <3

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