Letters from the Red Thread Cafe

Uncertainty is Coming to Tea #846

Dear Ones,   I am thinking of you today. I woke up with this message in my soul a few days ago and wanted to share it with you. New Moon Greetings to each of you…   Uncertainty has a cadence to it We don’t know the dance steps We say we are unfamiliar with…

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Sue Hoya Sellars, Shiloh Sophia, Caron McCloud

A Mama Day Blessing for All Kinds of Mamas

Today’s poem is in honor of my birth mother, Caron McCloud, the mother of my heart, Sue Hoya Sellars, and Spirit Warrior Carmen Baraka, who mothered the women in our community and in the world. These beautiful women have walked on to their future and are forever present in my soul, my work, and the…

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The Red Doors are Open

I am the color of your stardust blood proving your ancient lineage The ancient Mothers know me as the good red road, the umbilical cord! The ancient Fathers know me as the blessing of destiny The ancient Animals followed me all the way to today – Excerpt from The Spirit of the Red Thread     Special announcements about the Red Thread! MUSEA is featuring a complimentary 4-part Red Thread Series in May with Shiloh Sophia RSVP at musea.org/redthread Doors are OPEN for Red Thread…

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Honoring the life of Caron Laverne McCloud

Today would have been Caron’s 84th birthday. We are celebrating her with sharing her Obituary and Life Celebration. You can also make new comments here for her, her family, and her husband, Jim Wilson     Caron Laverne McCloud POET  April 25, 1937 – March 29, 2021 “Like a bird on a wire  Like a…

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Designing a Point #845

We are going through her portfolio of drawings, some of them being over 60 years old. I am admiring more than ever, the curve of her line. The precision, the arc, the clear path to beauty that her pen and pencil take. Having been at this a long time now, drawing that is, I am…

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Red Madonna Leadership Gathering 2018

Identity Crisis #844

On the first day of the Hospice interviews my mother Caron was asked by the nurse: “What seems to be the problem?” Mama, smiling kindly, but with a bit of her famous attitude replies “I am having an identity crisis.” To which the nurse replies “Okay then. What about bowel movements?” “Did you know I…

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Apothecary starts soon, a pre-requisite course

Will you join us for the Apothecary Medicine Painting Course starting April 15th? We invite you to watch this video to experience co-teachers Shiloh Sophia and Jonathan McCloud as they candidly share about the inspiration for this class and why you should consider joining us for a 3-week support circle. Learn more: www.medicinepainting.com If you are feeling…

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A Vigil to Honor My Mother #843

A poem for my mother, Caron McCloud. I wrote this on the morning, of the same day my mother flew into her future on the evening of March 29, 2021   Gossamer Crossing Her identity is slipping across the veil. The very first thing to go were the memory based nouns. Soon the verbs and…

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Paint for Personal Medicine in April

When we are fully engaged, as we often are with creativity – we can experience heightened awareness, intuition and connection to the inner healer. A relationship begins to form, that with practice, can give us continued access to the deepest insights we have available. ~ Shiloh Sophia     Is there a lingering trauma, story…

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