Letters from the Red Thread Cafe

Tempo in process by Shiloh Sophia

Ancient Future, #922

I come from a place where the past and the present are one. There is a timelessness to this being, which is me. I have gathered myself from the elements and the stars and the root system. I have gathered myself from the mythologies, from all the wrongs and all the rights. I have wrapped…

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Shiloh Sophia and Alice Walker GIF

Nurtured by Nature, #921

When you are creative, you understand how you fit with what is natural, because being creative itself is natural. It’s really quite natural for us to be able to create, whether it’s painting, whether it’s making poems or making music. ~ Alice Walker Excerpted from Shiloh Sophia’s conversation with Alice Walker earlier this week in…

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Living the Truth Flyer

Living The Truth Cinema Event

“Discovering truths hidden within the stories our culture tells us inspires artful activism. Let’s get to the root system where taboo lives and where systemic power-over structures are allowed to flourish without challenge. Let’s expose them gently and artfully and forge a new way forward. So often we are attached, or think we are, to…

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The Most Gorgeous Word, #920

What choice do you really have in life? Where are you not being at choice in your life? How does Self-Expression translate into a choice? Come listen and have some tea with the MUSE today!   The Most Gorgeous Word #920   Dear Sumaiyah, Today I wanted to bring our awareness to one of the…

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Doing What Matters, #919

Red Thread Letter #919 Doing What Matters   Dear One, Thank you for caring about doing what matters. And also – for caring if I do what matters to me too. I get lots of messages and cards hearing that what we do here at MUSEA does matter to you – so thank you. So.…

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Handfasting with Earth, #918

A photo of the front of the Ranch in Sonoma, California – our museum, campus, kitchen, and so much more!   Red Thread Letter #918 Handfasting with Earth   Dear One, I am called to bring ceremony as part of my Great Work. I opened the doors to The Cura Council recently, my vision for…

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Red Thread Letters image #917

Painting As Ceremony, #917

  Red Thread Letter #917 Painting as Ceremony   Dear One, So metacognition is one of my happy words. It is generally thought of as “thinking about thinking” as well as awareness and understanding of one’s own thought process. When we paint in ceremony, metacognition is the key element because we are in a space…

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Soul-stuff and the Revealing of Great Work, #916

Greetings! In today’s Red Thread Letter #916 we are exploring Soul-Stuff and the Revealing of Great Work – recorded in the dark of the morning – the time when my soul voice is most alive! I invite you to tune in with a cuppa for 15 minutes and then journal or draw what arises. Cuz’ that’s…

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Cura Council Dancer

Practice of Presence Transmission, #915

Red Thread Letter #915 Practice of Presence Transmission     Dear One, The full moon energy is palpable. What are you noticing? I shared what I was noticing in today’s offering made for you – just now. Today’s offering includes a Cura Meditation Transmission on the Practice of Presence with a theme of :.:=:. choosing…

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Cura Council

Invitation to a 500 Year Circle Without End, #914

I speak the truth when I tell you this. When creativity comes through like a thunder bolt and shakes you to your core, there is no mistaking it for something else. Your heart beats, your feet go cold, your head whistles with a big wind coming through. It can be hard to say no, even…

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