Letters from the Red Thread Cafe

Out after dark looking for the Muse #799

I turn around quickly, feeling my stomach quiver. All I can see is the end of a fingertip writing on the back door window. My heart races. She hasn’t been here in a while… View All Musea Virtual Events Respond in the Red Thread Cafe Comment or Share on Facebook This is It and Frida…

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Create a healing focus for April #798

Dear One, Medicine Painting may be one of the most important teachings I have ever shared with you. I invite you to honor this teaching page with a cup of tea, as that is how long it will take you to read the article, watch the video, and see the images. Slow down with me.…

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Cultivate Personal Medicine as a Focus + Story #797

The Year 2060 “Grandma? Can you tell me when everything got better in the world?” “Oh yes little one, that was the year 2020, when the earth took a big breath, we were able to reverse the damage and heal. No one poisoned the water anymore or grew food that wasn’t good for humans. We…

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Reclaiming My Own Space + Join me for Virtual Church #796

This is for you if you are feeling overwhelmed or crowded and need to reclaim space just for you. As well as clear other ‘stuff’ out of your field, body and consciousness. Get a cuppa tea and a journal and settle in to honor yourself today. Red Thread Letter #796 from Shiloh Sophia Reclaiming My…

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Sweet Compassion 2008 Shiloh Sophia

The Healing Fields + Equinox Blessings #795

how does healing happen? is it…forgetting a little at a time that which hurts and waking up one morning just feeling a little bit lighter? Painting: Sweet Compassion 2008 by Shiloh Sophia Visit MUSEA ONLINE Events www.schoolofintentionalcreativity.org Red Thread Letter #795 from Shiloh Sophia The Healing Fields – Equinox how does healing happen? is it…forgetting…

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Fearing Fear : Storytime with the Backdoor Muse (audio) #794

“I wonder what toilet paper represents?” She quips with a giggle. “Sh*t hitting the fan perhaps?” I return. “Keep going,” she says “I am afraid because the world may be coming to an end as we know it.” And this is how conversations with the Backdoor Muse go… Red Thread Letter #794 from Shiloh Sophia…

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Quantum Connection Teaching + Online Circles and Ritual #793

“Knowing what must be done does away with fear.” – Rosa Parks Red Thread Letter #793 Will you choose connection? Dear One, Are you choosing to stay connected? These are curious times and the power of staying rooted in community is essential for well being. Research across the board shows that those who feel connected…

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Identify Invisible Frameworks + Free Class Today! #791

And the Muse said…   “You must be willing. Willing to identify the invisible frameworks Otherwise, you will never, ever…. know what you are looking at. Or what frame you are looking through” Red Thread Letter #791 from Shiloh Sophia FREE CALL TODAY for YOU! Let’s LIBERATE ourselves today with an Intentional Creativity® process! Join…

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