Letters from the Red Thread Cafe

Cart before horse

How We Became Known As ‘Cart Before Horse’ People

  Many of you have been asking me for years to create an introduction to Intentional Creativity – a starting place. But we are ‘cart before horse’ people for a reason, and this is that story. I will tell you about how we came to be known this way. For us, the cart, which carries…

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University Applications Are Open

New Moon Greetings Dear One, I am delighted and I am also something else. Is it fear? Shaking in my boots? Nervous? Not sure what is going to happen? Yes, all of the above as we invite our community (that’s you) to join the first cohort for Musea University! I couldn’t seem to find the…

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Underpainting - Kiss of the Arising

Celebrating Jonathan + Exciting News, #901

“Wherever you are, and whatever you do, be in love.” ~ Rumi This is an underpainting called “Kiss of the Arising” and it ended up becoming, later, the painting Cosmic Dreamer (available at Musette Atelier)   Red Thread Letter #901 The Death of Effort Greetings Dear Ones! This week I am traveling and celebrating Jonathan…

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MUSEA Uni Cohort Forming Now

When I am asked: What is the most powerful act we can take to make a difference in our lifetime? I have one answer. Okay, two. Gather and Practice is the root system for all forms of inspired activism and transformational endeavors. Our 2023 Musea University Cohort is forming and you are invited. We endeavor…

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Portal of Compassion, Acrylic on Canvas

Opening the Portal of Compassion, #900

I am celebrating the 900th Letter from the Red Thread Cafe with the topic that started it all…compassion. ~ It was this time of year, I was 24 years old. I had just left San Francisco and my corporate gig and higher education for a life on the mountain with my mother, Caron and Sue.…

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Beyond Punishment and Reward, #899

There comes a point, a reckoning in all of our lives where we simply say – enough I must learn to think my own thoughts I must discover the way to compassion on my own terms, but not just “own” as in alone, but on my own, within the context of community itself… Humanity has…

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The Lineage Continues, #898

  Red Thread Letter #898 The Lineage Continues our 3 Ingredients + our Big News Dear One, My mother Caron used to say to me: “Honey, it isn’t just intention, we must be intentional about the intention itself, it is one layer beyond just intending to make something. So put your heart into it, whether…

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Connect With Your Body, #897

Blooming Woman by Shiloh Sophia Painted during Temple 2022 in Sonoma   Red Thread Letter #897 Connect with your Body   This simple ceremony of my body by Shiloh Sophia I say to my body I am sorry, I haven’t been noticing every intricate thing you do for me   I say to my body…

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Come As You Are, #896

Wild Child by Shiloh Sophia from 2010   Come as You Are If you come as you are, will it be enough? Glorious enough to wow the world? Were you made to wow the world? If you come as you are will you be too visible, too eager? Will they wonder how you got in…

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Dancing Home Together

Dancing Home Together, #895

Red Thread Letter #895 Dancing Home together   Dancing Home Together by Shiloh Sophia I want to remind you You don’t need to know how to do this   This life experience we are now experiencing is the stuff of riddles   Things are not as they seem THIS is unfamiliar territory and we aren’t…

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