Will you choose to dance?‏

she danced for the love she felt, the love she gave away, and the love she kept… she danced to free her spirit and to free other spirits too she danced in response to joy and to process pain she moved her body like her life depended on it… Hello Dear One! As far as…

Calling In The Sparkle

ave you had the experience of the very AIR around you changing, seeming different- both in moments of bliss and pain? Times of miracles and grieving and transformations are moments when the air seems to me compressed and released and anointed with sparkle from On High. I have often wondered, since pain and miracles seem like something we can neither call on nor predict, but can certainly expect to show up -though with no idea when… is there a way to cause or call on the Sparkle from On High as needed? The answer of course is no and yes. Sparkle from on High is grace in its many sorted forms.