Have you been asking for what you want over and over?

  Are you worn out with asking for what you want? Do you wonder what you might be ‘getting wrong’? Do you judge yourself for how things are turning out? Do you desire to serve the Divine but aren’t quite sure how to know what that looks like? Then this is for you. Work in…

within the folds of her holy dress

In the folds of your dress
your holy garment
I bury my head
Smelling the sweet fragrance of your love
My little hands hidden in the layers of fabric
I try to be consumed and folded into your dress
I want to disappear into your being-ness
I pull up a fold and surround myself with silken fabric
Soft and giving, silky and strong
It is dark like your skin
and in these folds I can imagine
All the world is well and
I hear your soothing voice
speaking words of grace-filled wisdom