What I said at the United Nations

We were asked to share our story – and how it related to healing trauma. Each of us had several chances to share. This was my chance…I was introduced by the panel moderator, Lys Anzia of WNN. I am here for the third year to work on sharing how intentional creativity can impact and transform…


Witness Inside of you is radiant luminous code. Ciphers ripe for deciphering. This seeing is what I came here for. Some might call me an artist, and a poet if they favor me. I am merely a witness to your potential beauty. Inside of you stardust is begging the seams to cross the veil of…

We Sorrow! O Blessed Lady! A Prayer for Healing

Our world longs for healing

I know you hear our tears falling

The polar bear father groans for his children

The butterfly pauses too long on a wayward branch

The wolf mother considers if having cubs is a good idea

The salmon, bewildered swim in circles, aching with eggs

The blue bird of happiness seeks her mate, calling, calling…

The inch worm only attempts a quarter inch this morning

The depressed human, does not want to rise from sleep today