Calling Your Own Rites of Passage – Beauty in the Breakdowns #826

“Part of that beauty I found was in the faces of the women who looked at their own Legendary creations. This told me everything I needed to know. I was carrying medicine, and my medicine activated their medicine. My soul-work was to spark their soul-work. And so it began…” Today I am sharing my story…

Is ADHD sometimes another name for mystic?

When folks have MANY facets to their lives, we are often told we are distracted or fragmented and that we need to “FOCUS”. Focus pocus. Sure focus gets things done in a more timely manner on a timeline someone else set up that equals results someone else wants to measure as success or completion. But for those of us who are renaissance women – those of us with many interests – what if we want to bake cupcakes and save the world? What if we want to be a little barefoot and pregnant wife and run for congress too? What about us? What if we want to ride the freedom train instead of a high speed jet?