VISIONARY WOMAN: Global Gallery Show 2017

 Congratulations to our Graduates & Teachers of Intentional Creativity Photos taken from Graduation & Guild Gathering ~ January 2018   Color of Woman 2017 Graduates Alice Rhyslynn Anne Barlow Beth Blakesley Barbara Daughter Caroline Miskenack Cassielle Bull Corinna Jaeger Debra Hanes Denise Jakob Diane S. Merpaw Dina VanDecker- Tibbs Donna Bodnar Papenhausen Ellison James…

Changing Management + Classes starting: Dangerous and Prism

I’m not a leader, just a creature, seeking the features of a teacher. Whether you follow or whether you lead All mysterious ways of nature and I’m into it. Changing management. And there are various ways to conquer this monotonous metropolis, my stubbornness is bottomless, my fearlessness is talking sh*t and I’m wide awake and…

Fearless Belonging Begins August 12

Fearless Belonging Events: A Painting Journey with local artist and teacher, Shiloh Sophia and special guest, Shiloh Shiv Suleman from Bangalore, India August 12: 10-11 Free Alchemical Café Ritual Livestream/Recorded August 12: 12-5 Painting and Storytelling Class Livestream/Recorded August 14: 12-5 A Painting Journey and collaborative project – live in Healdsburg, California. Explore your Fearless…

Visioning 2016 Mojo (free) + My not-so-secret-secret to energy + Einstein’s desk

What would happen if your Muse designed your year? What would be different? (hint: everything) Find out for yourself by joining us here MOJO 2016 Let Your Creative Fire Light the Path for Your 2016 Join us for an Intentional Creativity Online Journey Starts December 4 at 11am pst Intuitive Painting + Movement + Meditation…

I Am Art, I Am Ritual.

That is why on our Red Thread Connection Telecouncil series we invite you to light a candle or have a cup of tea with you. It doesn’t matter what tradition you come from, all of them have different rituals. It is not scary or woowoo.

* When we think something with our mind, step one.
* When we say it with our words or write it down, step two.
* When we take an action to back it up, step three.

The Glitter from the Grit: A Blessing for Wild Things

May you choose to sift the glitter from the grit of life.

May you sharpen those internal soul tools that make self excavation possible, even when messy.

May you choose to pursue your life purpose fearlessly, no matter what bills are due.

May you realize that you don’t need to be inspired to create, and you don’t need to clean the house or the catbox first.