Have you been asking for what you want over and over?

  Are you worn out with asking for what you want? Do you wonder what you might be ‘getting wrong’? Do you judge yourself for how things are turning out? Do you desire to serve the Divine but aren’t quite sure how to know what that looks like? Then this is for you. Work in…

Join me in a Sabbath? A call to rest instead of a call to action..

Why were we commanded to rest? In a world that’s gone mad, I think it is pretty obvious what happens when folks don’t get enough rest. I have often thought to myself, how can we not covet, steal and kill if we do not rest? Maybe Creator or Mother and Father Divine, put it there for a reason. You think? Even our cattle are not supposed to work. Around Cosmic Cowgirls if we don’t have a workshop, we don’t e-mail amongst ourselves on the weekends mostly, and we don’t work unless we absolutely have to – and we put our horses out into the meadow. There is a decency in stopping working — and we need it.