13 Year Collection Art Show in San Francisco 
Unity Spiritual Center, September – January 2018

Thirteen Year Collection September – January 2018 
Art Show: Unity Spiritual Center 2690 Ocean Ave, San Francisco, CA 94132 Closing talk, poetry reading and reception in January 2019 “May Love Be At The Center of All Choices” The Sacred Invitation About the show: This collection spans 13 years featuring art created in many different locations.…

The Rage Club: Liberating Our Teenage Minds

I befriended the friendless and the outcasts, I shared fashion magazines with the gay kids wearing Armani at 14 in a redneck town named Boonville, I made friends with the group home kids, dated the Mexicans and encouraged the geeks to run for student office because they were the smartest. I listened to the Dead Kennedies and Sweet Home Alabama, I watched A Clockwork Orange, Honeysuckle Rose and Helen Caldicott. I had posters of Willie Nelson and Prince and Jesus on my walls. And I admit, a Matt Dillon. I saw Mary Daly as a tiny child, and I loved Dolly Parton.
I shopped at second hand stores and got vintage clothes when it was decidedly not cool. I rode a skateboard and carried my teddy bear that I have had from birth in my backpack with his head sticking out – he wore a white bone carved Buddha on a black leather string, his name was Girton.