New IC Movie + Art Ancestors

Intentional Creativity has art ancestors the world over, as all ancient peoples created some kind of art with mindful intention. Whether that be for usefulness, beauty or story, they brought their consciousness into their art.   Honoring Art Ancestors Today is the anniversary of my teacher’s passing. Her name is Sue Hoya Sellars. The…

Struck With Passion – A Letter from Shiloh Sophia

punctuate my daily activities with big sweeping action steps about twice a month. I reach out beyond my immediate circle and I try something I haven’t tried before about what I am passionate about. Sometimes, it results in amazing incredible things and sometimes, nothing happens. BUT expressing my passion for life and love even if I don’t get the result I was trying for, keeps me awake, alert, truly passionate and engaged. I have EXPRESSED MY passion and it happens through e-mail, phone and in person and in paintings and writings. I feel the fire in my heart and it makes me feel a part of all that is, grateful to SPIRIT for igniting my soul with love, and it gives me a desire to keep serving.