Poor choices can make awesome legends….and what are YOU not seeing?

Poor life choices make awesome legends. Our future self is forged in the fire of stories gone wrong and failures we tried so hard to avoid. Include everything within the context of mystic-badass-in-training. Your legend belongs only to you. Don’t confuse failure for sadness and happiness for success. There is so much more to life…

Heart of the Great Lady

Join Us for a Painting and Prayer Retreat into the Heart of the Great Lady The heartbeat of the Great Lady can be heard throughout the land. Listen deeply with the ear of the heart….She is already waiting at the door. Blessed is the one that heareth me, watching daily at my gates, waiting at…

The Glitter from the Grit: A Blessing for Wild Things

May you choose to sift the glitter from the grit of life.

May you sharpen those internal soul tools that make self excavation possible, even when messy.

May you choose to pursue your life purpose fearlessly, no matter what bills are due.

May you realize that you don’t need to be inspired to create, and you don’t need to clean the house or the catbox first.