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Shiloh Sophia in her 5 Step Course: Tea with Muse for only $97

A remarkable journey into art with Shiloh Sophia


 Prepare to Meet Your Muse.

It’s not what you think.

It’s better than you can imagine.

This isn’t just a painting course.

It’s a lifestyle adjustment.

One you may have been needing for a long time.


Learn the mystical and profound intentional creativity method to access your interior wisdom

Visionary Artist and Teacher Shiloh Sophia delivers her exclusive 5 Step painting course DOWNLOADABLE VIDEOS!

A supply list and e-book is provided with your purchase.


Paint a painting dedicated to your muse – no experience needed.

Make a connection with one of the most powerful tools known to woman, the MUSE

Discover deep inner mysteries and thoughts and symbols you didn’t even know you had access to.

Learn to paint with acrylic paints using a very simple step-by-step process.

Navigate the critic through meeting your muse and transform your inner voice.

Experience the healing power of intentional creativity and how it can be a blessing in your life.


“The Tea with the Muse videos were such a freeing and joyful experience. With Shiloh’s amazing inspiration, painting process, and guidance, I let go of pre-planning and pre-sketching and just flowed from visioning to bringing her to life on canvas, step by step. I could feel the sacred presence of the Muse and hear her guidance. Shiloh made the whole process so natural and wonderful and my Muse and I share gentle moments together still.”
            ~Havi Mandell, www.heartrageouslife.com.

Shiloh Sophia has taught thousands of women how to listen to their own hearts, embrace their inner wisdom, encounter their critic fact to face and – to connect with their Muse – through the intentional creativity process of painting and visioning.

You don’t need any painting experience, and you don’t have to identify yourself as creative or as an artist, you just need to be willing to get your brushes loaded and pour a cup of tea and prepare to meet your muse. She is already calling your name, you just need to listen…shhhh….she has been calling your name for a very long long long time. And you can do all of this from the comfort of your own home and computer.



Your Muse is where you house your interior knowledge, is it possible you haven’t been listening to that space, most of us don’t know how. Perhaps you’ve never connected with yours – or maybe she has been expressed in art, or dance, or business, or prayer – and now you want a way to connect to her whenever you want, in a way that is not only inspiring and powerful, but results in a painting you can hang up in your OWN HOME.

THIS KIND OF PAINTING IS A SACRED PRACTICE when we choose for it to be.

In this video series, you’ll learn the 5 steps that Shiloh uses to connect to her Muse and has taught many women to do. Feel afraid, don’t worry, the muse doesn’t bite, but if she does it will just be a love bite to keep you going. Shiloh uses this method to connect with her muse, and you can too – She will guide you to places you have never been before but have been wanting so much to visit.

This series is called Tea with the Muse because the invitation is to sit down with her, this part of yourself to begin a dialogue that will be life changing. Shiloh’s process is a proven method for accessing your Muse, you’ll be having conversations with your Muse in no time. But beware, she can be a little, dangerous to ordinary reality. She may ask you to risk.



“Shiloh Sophia’s “Tea With Your Muse” training is pure genius. She teaches how an artist approaches creativity and brings the student into the space of a trained professional, instantly. This simple step by step process improved my painting skills 100% and gave me stunning insights into my inner most being. Shiloh’s Courses for painting, healing, marketing, and spirituality are the most effective in the world today.”
Katie Ketchum M.A., Professional Composer, Performer and Playwright www.katieketchum.com

“I am learning so much about how to LIVE and LOVE LIFE, not just how to paint and write. The Muse has been unleashed! Before I started painting with Shiloh’s wonderful (I mean extraordinary!) method, I didn’t believe I could create anything as beautiful or powerful as I am seeing on my canvases now. I wish everyone could experience the joy of meeting their Muses and finding out just what unleashing that river of intuition and connection can do. Working with Shiloh to meet and evoke the Muse has been a trip through the looking glass!”
-Susan Rossi

“Tea With The Muse was an enlightening experience for me. The visioning Shiloh led us through allowed me to really connect the wisdom of my Muse with a younger version of myself, uniting us in a way that allowed me to truly surrender the old stories and claim a new vision for myself. I have a new found respect and appreciation for the girl I was, the woman I am now, and what is yet to come.”
-Nancy Harris

“My experience of participation in “Tea with the Muse” became a pivotal turning point in my relationship with myself as an Artist. Shiloh’s guidance is both visionary and detailed,she stays right with you as the process deepens. Shiloh’s gifts as an inspirational artist is transformational. She is a well spring of creative information and process. As a result, My Muse is still emerging and I am forever changed”
-Kendall Sarah Scott, http://facesofthefeminine.wordpress.com/

“Tea with the Muse”, is another surprise as my muse, an Native Indian girl appeared to me in the initial meditation. Not only were the steps of this process easy to render, but the mystery and symbolism in my painting, and poetry, spoke a new language to me. An innocent mystic, visionary spirit, appeared through time and portals of my imagination. Quiet, yet powerful her appeared on canvas, is a way to step through the threshold of two-dimensional space to a world of sensitive feeling and universal healing. Encouraging me to delve into my natural gift as a seer and healer, as part in parcel of my gifts to the world.”
-Leslie Nolan, www.leslienolandesign.com


This EXCLUSIVE Video Download includes the following steps,

and remember you don’t need ANY painting experience!

• Introduction by Visionary Artist Shiloh Sophia

• Presentation of Art Supplies and Materials

• Sacred Practice 5 Painting Steps

* Step 1- The Invitation

* Step 2- The Encounter

* Step 3- The Connection

* Step 4- The Revelation

* Step 5- The Embellishment




“Thank you, Shiloh, for all that you have taught me about painting, life & so much more. I am the artist that I am today because of your support & wisdom. Without you, I never would have been able to paint this or live the lifestyle that I’m now living. You’re an angel! ♥” ~ Susan Risse

“I am sitting in my studio for the first time, ready to paint after not painting for 4 years. I went to your page and you inspired me. I felt the color and love of your palette. I just wanted to thank you for the inspiration and to let you know that our red threads go out into places when we aren’t aware of it. I am going to mix my palette, now.” ~ M.D.


Get your video download today and begin this exploration of yourself and your own bright interior wisdom!

You’ll also get your The Tea with The Muse e-Book to support you with your process.
Your Muse has a message for you! Can you hear it now?

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