Leading A Legendary Life – Art and Living With The Context of Legend

Choosing to live a legendary life means giving ourselves permission to be amazing. 
We define what ‘amazing’ is for ourselves. It is not the “what” of living, but the “how.” Choosing to be legendary is more than an attitude and more than a way of being. When we choose to be legendary we have decided that we are defining the context in which our lives will be lived and experienced. Do you want vitality? Self expression? Do you want to feel like your life is on purpose? Do you want to live as an artist, with creativity as a central theme? There is a sparkling destiny waiting for you to say YES!

Choosing Procession – Not Recession

Today you wanted to talk about “the economy”. How the economy affected my art and work. You told me you felt horrible and scared and mad. My desire to reach out and hug you was all I could think of. I found that optimism felt false, but that doomsday was also untrue I felt a desire to share possibility with you but no words sounded right. I realized I hadn’t found my language yet for what was defined as “a recession”.

Red Thread Trilogy – about the painting Triptich

The Red Thread Trilogy Emraced By Divine Love Scrolls in honor of the life of the Blessed Mother Mary The Annunciation The Visitation The Nativity Created by Shiloh Sophia McCloud Completed March 13, 2009 See the evolution of the paintings, their installation location and the art at the home of my Art Collectors. http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=64589&id=820214521&l=1534d336db Details:…