For Immediate Release: The Soul Fire Collection at the United Nations Today

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE An Art Collection of 42 Transformational Artists Shown Today at the United Nations THE UNITED NATIONS PLAZA, New York – March 4, 2013 Contact: / Today in New York the paintings of 42 women artists will be shown at the United Nations. This series is called The Soul Fire Collection…

Who Is Legendary Woman?

Legendary Woman has been there since we were lit as a divine spark in our mother’s womb, but she is ever changing and renewing how she sees and what she chooses to show to us. Her function is to illuminate, literally to shed light upon. To open us to clear seeing. Seeing forward without hindrance or limitation, she sees through spaces human eyes cannot begin to decode. She lives both in the mystical realm, and in the physical because our generative actions are inspired by her presence within us. Her primary purpose is to encourage towards that which we are here on earth to create or fulfill. She is our view finder. Our “aha!” moment maker. Our waker upper. Every single woman has the visionary woman within her – we just may not have called upon her services yet, but that time has come. Oh yes.

Who Will We Be? Embracing Our Economy

Who Are We Going to Be?

I have a strange notion to embrace our economy. A mystical sense that to navigate these changes with grace will require deep love and profound creativity. Not regret or blame. While at every turn, fear is present with the “what if’s” it has always used to leverage itself into our lives. Each day, I face fear with paintbrush and pen in hand and kindly reply, “I have no need of your stories, but, thank you for reminding me to pay attention” To choose not to submit, when fear, regret, blame, shame and other not-so-kind frequencies have been laced into the air by the unseen hands of doom sayers– well, it takes courage. But be courageous we must!

Top 100 Women Artists To Watch in 2010

Who do you think the top 100 women visual artists to watch (who paint either sacred or intention based art) in 2010? Post a comment on this blog, with their web address. We are looking for artist’s who create from the heart – not just art for art sake, but really – who create with a healing or inspirational intention. This process may lead to another blog at some point but your comments will be carried over. Let us know who , and why you think we should watch them in 2010. They need to have a website with at least ten paintings or images to show their work – as well as an artist’s statement. Let’s see what happens!